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Maybe 2023 Will Be the Year You Get That Big Promotion

If 2023 is anything like 2022, the odds are stacked in your favor if you work in public accounting, according to a recent LinkedIn analysis. Professional services was among the five industries that doled out the most promotions this year:

And at the top seven largest public accounting firms in the U.S., that big promotion came with a sizable pay bump in 2022. Based on our analysis of individual firms’ 2022 comp threads on r/accounting, here is the average percentage of how much base pay increased for a few common promotions: second-year associate to senior; and second-year/third-year senior to manager:



  • Deloitte: N/A
  • PwC: 38.8%
  • EY: 30.9%
  • KPMG: 25.6% (only one entry)
  • RSM US: 14%
  • BDO USA: 17.1%
  • Grant Thornton: N/A


  • Deloitte: 20.1%
  • PwC: 13.6% (only one entry)
  • EY: 28.1%
  • KPMG: 21.3%
  • RSM US: N/A
  • BDO USA: N/A
  • Grant Thornton: N/A

So keep your nose to the grindstone, capital market servants, because good things likely await you in 2023. At the very least a pizza party or two.