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Learn How to Make Financial Forecasting as Easy as Finding Your Favorite Pair of Socks

Hey guys, do me a quick favor. Clear off all those empty Dunkin cups, doughnut crumbs, crumpled up Post-It Notes, old pens that ran out of ink, and that Xbox controller off your coffee-stained desk calendar, find the block for Thursday, Aug. 27, and write in “Webinar, 11 a.m. ET/8 a.m. PT.”

Because who couldn’t use a little professional education these days? 

The topic of the webinar is “The Future of Financial Forecasting and Planning,” which is timely not only because of the uncertainty businesses everywhere are facing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic but also because businesses of all sizes still have not embraced the technologies that keep all the important data they need to plan for the future in one place.

When you look for a pair of socks, wouldn’t you rather have all of your socks in one drawer instead of some in a drawer, some in a pile on your desk chair that you have to put on your bed because you have to sit in said desk chair to work, and some stashed in your kids’ closet? Yeah, one drawer. I don’t have a lot of time in the morning to go hunting for that one pair of Donkey Kong socks. And business leaders don’t have a lot of time to go hunting for data that they have stored in various formats, like spreadsheets and databases, to make the most accurate predictions.

Leading this webinar are our friends at Alteryx, who know a thing or two about data analytics, predictive modeling, and automation, and the folks over at PwC. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the Aug. 27 webinar straight from Alteryx:

Recent economic uncertainty and increased pressure to forecast cash flows puts additional demand on finance functions to meet requests of internal and external stakeholders. Performing multiple scenario analyses and developing/adopting contingency plans can lead to considerable effort and frustrations when time-sensitive tasks are attempted with spreadsheets or an IT dependent technology.

Additionally, the ability to manage and influence cash flows has been propelled to the top of the CFO’s agenda in supporting the optimization of working capital and the management of cash and liquidity. As a result, finance teams should have a solution that provides flexibility, automation, and control over large volumes of data and an ability to revise calculation models to meet changing fact patterns and new requests. This all leads to agile, in the moment, decision making to accelerate actions through real-time insights.

Join us for this financial forecasting webinar where you will hear from leaders at PwC and Alteryx on how to:

  • Leverage data and analytics to provide greater insights in driving real-time decision making
  • Develop complex models for high impact analysis across a wide range of use (e.g. legal entity forecasting, working capital and more)
  • Drive automation efforts in FP&A and treasury functions through a digitally transformed workforce 

And the best part is the webinar is free, and the best-best part is those attending the webinar are eligible for 1 CPE credit.

This isn’t the first finance webinar that Alteryx and PwC have teamed up on. Two previous webinars can now be viewed on-demand:

So now that you put the Aug. 27 webinar on your desk calendar, you can register for it here.