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Mauldin & Jenkins Poaches Someone From KPMG and Issues a Press Release, Part I

Last night me and my wife watched an episode of the Netflix series The Toys That Made Us about professional wrestling figures and how popular those toys were in the 1980s and ’90s. In that episode, it talked about Vince McMahon committing the ultimate sin when he took over the World Wrestling Federation from his father in the early ’80s: He poached superstars from popular regional wrestling organizations, such as the American Wrestling Association and World Class Championship Wrestling, which at that time were considered untouchable.

David Roberts

While Mauldin & Jenkins’ poaching of David Roberts from KPMG isn’t in the same league as McMahon poaching Hulk Hogan, Bobbie “The Brain” Heenan, and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, it’s the 82nd-largest accounting firm in the U.S. stealing someone away from a Big 4 firm.

Kind of like if the AWA poached “Macho Man” Randy Savage away from the WWF or something.

Regional accounting and business advisory firm Mauldin & Jenkins, LLC has announced that David Roberts is joining the firm’s Advisory practice. Beginning in December, Roberts will leverage his specialized knowledge of governmental agencies’ unique operational needs and their individualized fiscal challenges to support the firm’s government clients.

Mr. Roberts brings industry-leading experience in public sector consulting to his new role, following more than 19 years with Big-4 accounting and advisory firm KPMG. He has earned wide respect within the industry for his depth of knowledge, innovative solutions, and strategic approach.

Throughout his career in public sector advisory, Roberts has fulfilled leadership positions in supporting clients at the federal, state and local level, as well as quasi-governmental umbrella organizations focused on meeting overarching regional needs. With deep experience in creating and implementing transformational strategies, he maintains a proactive stance that facilitates smooth transitions for client agencies, allowing them to efficiently and effectively streamline operations, optimize service delivery models and increase stakeholder satisfaction.

Jeff Fucito, partner in charge of Mauldin & Jenkins’ Atlanta office and Advisory Practice, welcomes Roberts and the substantial acumen he brings to benefit clients. “David is a true leader among his peers when it comes to understanding and resolving the many challenges clients face in today’s environment,” says Fucito.

“David possesses exceptional abilities around helping clients identify and seize fleeting opportunities,” he continues.

Mauldin & Jenkins has expanded its presence in the Southeast over recent years, but the growth has not diminished the firm’s commitment to serving as a first-choice, long-term partner clients can trust for the newest techniques and most insightful advisory services in the industry.

“David shares our dedication to providing comprehensive support for clients, tailored around their specific needs,” reports Fucito. “He’s also attuned to business and relationship development, and adept at supporting clients in fully developing their human resources.”

And who knows, maybe we’ll see Roberts take on partners from Freed Maxick, Aldrich CPAs + Advisors, and Raich Ende Malter soon in a wrestling ring near you.