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Marine Struggling With the Transition From Military Fist Fights To Big 4 Butt-Kissing

This guy on Reddit is a tad upset (not to mention a bit preoccupied with fellatio as it pertains to earning brownie points in public accounting):

I hate the corporate accounting world, and small private firms suck too. I don't want to get too into depth. Just a long rant and hoping someone can offer advice. Please tell me I'm not the only one that sees this BS going on in the workplace.

I used to be in the Marines, and it wasn't anything like the movies. The bad asses that do tons of crazy heroic shit and are great fighters and leaders are overlooked, its the ones that do the ass kissing that advance. It was fucking stupid, I was happy when my time was up and I'm never going back to that. People that will risk others lives in order to get a promotion is fucking stupid. If war was fought at the ground level with no bullshit, things will go alot smoother with alot less going wrong, but thats another story. The red tape is lethal, and I mean that literally when you're in this line of work. When a superior gives a crazy retarded order and there is a much better way of doing it and still insists on doing the highly dangerous mission. He should be on the ground with his troops, actively engaged in it, unless of course he is a highly proven and respected general. This is why alot of Marines respect the officers that they serve with alot more than the higher command and theres alot of rabble about how dumb and disconnected the higher ups are.

I thought this bullshit was over once I left, boy was I wrong.

I got my degree and my CPA and went to work for small firms during college, then McGladrey then PwC.

The culture at all of them suck, the kiss assing is back and even worse then before.

People suck up to the bosses and backstab each other all the time. And its done at ALL levels, it was done at the small firms too, you just have to be really tactful about it.

McGladrey and PwC were a giant dick sucking contest everyday. Its so fucking petty that I can't imagine being in this environment any longer. Girls will stop and get cookies for everyone after lunch, then the bosses will joke about how they liked certain cookies better and thats how they're handing out promotions. Good looking women will get more attention and praise then other women who do just as good of a job if not better.

Guys will constantly sit there and nod like robots smiling at the bosses, even when its a completely stupid idea or new process of doing things. When you correct them in a completely tactful way in a private setting, they tell you its wrong, and then when their plan fails they use the way you did it without acknowledging you and giving you credit.

People taking credit for others work, bosses having favorites and put shit onto the people they don't like. The dumbfucks that constantly ask me about the "army" and how the transition is to accounting. I tell them the story a million times that the marine corps is completely different from the army in our purpose and how the transition to accounting isn't that bad. I didn't bust my ass and put in 200x the work of a soldier to earn the title of Marine to be associated with the army. No one outside of the military understands there is a huge difference between a soldier in the Army and a Marine. Its a completely legitimate question but I tell the story 10x a week.

Promotions are given to completely incompetent people at times instead of the folks who deserve them. THEY GOSSIP, OH MY GOD DO THEY GOSSIP. All people do is talk shit. Not so much about me, I'm just known as the military dude with the hot wife that he doesn't deserve or some shit.

Every fucking day its a contest to see who goes home last. Why the hell would you want to keep sitting in this office is beyond me. I'm a combat veteran, I know everything there is to know about long hours with no sleep. However, sitting here doing stupid fucking audit shit that was shoveled on to me while listening to people gossip about who is leaving early and enjoying life is actually 100x worse then having to anxiously await the order to move into battle.

At least in the marines everyone knew what we were doing sucked and weren't afraid to complain to one another. Everyone constantly has a stick up their ass in accounting, scared of saying something negative about the firm.

I express disdain about a 80 hour work week and everyone else just smiles and says its not so bad.

Yes it is bad motherfucker, half of it is fucking downtime, if you just worked instead of gossiping and sucking dick for promotions we would be done in half the time.

One of the big partners at PwC is a complete dickhead and grills the shit out of people when he comes in. Everyone in the office hates him and he has yelled at and berated me on several occasions. But I really like the guy in all honesty. He's like Batman, girls flirting with him doesn't work, guys sucking up doesn't work, he grades you solely on performance and not anything else.

THATS HOW IT SHOULD BE. If everyone ran their firms like this guy, things would be alot less annoying. Maybe more terrifying for the idiots who like to kiss ass and substitute sucking up for actual work, but getting yelled at and berated actually works to motivate people to work harder.

Yes the guy is a douchebag, but he is very very very fair and highly efficient. He will yell at and berate the nerdy people just as badly as he will yell at and berate a hot girl with DDs.

The high ranking officers that did what was efficient and didn't give a shit were also the most respected. The ones that sucked dick into their positions were pretty much despised. This rings true in corporate too, at least for me.

I'm sorry about the rant, no one probably cares, but its good to type it out. Now back to the grind, I gotta find a way out of this shit.

TL;DR: "McGladrey and PwC were a giant dick sucking contest everyday."