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Marcum Is Having a Bad Day on Social Media Thanks to a Rogue Senior Who Just Learned the F Word

Hey would you look at that, got some fresh drama to report. Just the thing to get this Monday officially started eh?

A tipster informs us that drama is afoot over at Marcum LLP thanks to one naughty senior who tweeted some strong words to former Deputy Assistant to the President Sebastian Gorka. We aren’t sure what started all this, but we can guess it may have had something to do with politics. Will we as Americans ever be able to discuss politics again without threatening to piss on graves? Time will only tell.

Anyway, here’s the exchange making the rounds on the tweeters:

As fate would have it, Marcum does NOT in fact condone this behavior, as evidenced by the statement they put out on Facebook and Twitter.

The official Marcum Twitter is currently private, but up until a few hours ago they were receiving plenty of feedback in response to their statement. Exhibit A:

And then there’s this:

A profile for Joseph Wiley on LinkedIn which lists him as a senior at Marcum appears to be removed, though our tipster confirms he is (or was) a senior.

His Twitter account has also been nuked.

We’re told that Marcum addressed the issue in an all hands call today and told staff that it is “investigating.” We’ll keep you updated if there’s any news, or any fresh drama to add to the pile.

18 thoughts on “Marcum Is Having a Bad Day on Social Media Thanks to a Rogue Senior Who Just Learned the F Word

  1. 1. I support Joe Wiley. Everything he said was spot on.

    2. Isn’t Seb Gorka the guy who’s always going around calling other people “beta males”? What a snowflake.

    3. Shame on Marcum for not defending their employees’ free speech. At least stay out of it if you don’t have the balls to stand up for what’s right. Cowards.

    4. Good article, Adrienne. Great find.

    1. I know you read Jason’s articles, you should definitely add your two cents in the comments on those as well 🙂

      1. This was a little mean, Bramwell. But again, I see you. I’ll give you more love going forward.

        1. Not me. I genuflect every time I see your name come across my Twitter timeline or see you in the comments section.

    2. lol, the freedom to tell people on Twitter you’re going to piss on their grave and send pics to their kids?

      I guess I missed vile insult day when I was in “having the balls to stand up for what’s right” class.

    3. You condone threats of violence for political disagreements? So… why are you impeaching Trump?

      You’re a moron, and I don’t believe for one second that you’re a veteran. No veteran would support violence against citizens. Threatening someone is not protected speech. His vile DMs are not free speech.

      You a.brainwashed communist. Care to explain your outrageous anti-American rhetoric?

    4. 1. If a douche like you supports somebody, that’s the biggest sign that they’re a giant douche, too.

      2.Seb Gorka confronted Joe Wiley, who then blocked him then deleted his account. The little pussy tried to run and hide, so who’s the snowflake here??

      3. Actually, Marcum did exactly the right thing. Joe Wiley exercised his right to free speech and Marcum exercised its right not to have an employee reflect negatively on the company. Joe Wiley is still free to exercise his free speech but the little pussy deleted his account.

      4. Agreed. Good article about a Joe Wiley getting what he deserved.

  2. Both of these people seem insufferable and you guys are really reaching on this one. Marcum blows but this literally has nothing to do with them.

  3. A guy tells another guy associated with the Alt-Right that he’d like to piss on his grave… Sounds like friendly bar banter. Yawn, next.

  4. All these people reaching out to people’s employers for revenge over petty insults remind me of kindergardeners crying to teacher because lil Johnny was mean… Whatever happened to sorting it out like men?

  5. Gorka is a total pussy for snitching on Wiley. The alt-right is against cancel culture unless it gets to do the cancelling.

  6. We’ll, I guess I’ll add a “piss on your grave” to all the supposed sensible people who think abusive tweets aimed at a person and his family are good taste or called for.
    You may not like either person for one reason or another, but can’t you refrain from such lame insults.
    Good luck in your next job Joe. I hope you learned something.

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