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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year decorations, silver and gold

We almost used a “woman in a photobooth wearing 2024 glasses next to a guy with a mustache on a stick” image for this post but realized prior to publication that was too millennial even for us.

Happy New Year and congratulations to everyone who finished their CPE or got married just under the wire. Bonus points if you managed both.

We’ll be doing some predictions for the year ahead soon but before we do, here are our wishes for you as we trudge into another year.

  1. Fulfillment in your work. Sometimes this means getting paid a good chunk of money and having a decent life outside of work. However, if you’re the type who derives some kind of self-worth from your job, we sincerely hope 2024 brings you many gold stars, accolades, and high fives from your colleagues.
  2. Money. No explanation necessary here.
  3. Good health. This is such a cliché, particularly at the start of a new year, but as the editorial team began crossing the threshold into 40 some years ago, we feel it’s our duty to remind you that you only have one body. Don’t work it to death, don’t let work stress lead you down the path of drinking every night to forget your troubles, and move your muscles every now and then. No judgments if you don’t. But boy does a sedentary office life start taking its toll when the misguided enthusiasm of your 20s starts wearing off. We’re tired. So tired.

As for resolutions, here’s ours: more shitposting.

Be well and see you back to our regularly scheduled program tomorrow.