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Let’s Try and Forget About Money

half full.jpgWe realize that might sound like kooky-talk but we said try you twerps.
Ajilon Professional Staffing released its salary guide for 2010 and is predicting a decrease in salaries of 0.85% overall. CFOs and Treasurers are expected to take the biggest hit with an expected drop of 7.7%.
Now before you all start belly-aching about less money, the report does indicate that because of regulatory and compliance changes the scope of positions for those with backgrounds in accounting and finance will broaden.
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Additional findings:

• The majority of accountants (86%) believe that the convergence from U.S. GAAP to International Finance Reporting Standards (IFRS) will have a positive impact on the finance/accounting profession.
• The demand for financial analysis, budgeting and forecasting due to the recession will be the #1 driver of job opportunities for accounting professionals, followed by the transition to IFRS and the economic stimulus package.
• No surprise, nearly 60% of accountants say they have been spending more time on cost-cutting initiatives as a result of the recession and financial crisis. Some of the things they have been doing to reduce expenses include: cutting discretionary spending; taking a harder look at business lines, product and sourcing; and increasing attention to driving reported earnings and cash flow.
• Fifty-one percent (51%) of accountants said they have imposed across-the-board spending and capital freezes as a result of the recession.

So the last two bullets probably are of most interest because, you know, some of you are intimately familiar with them.
Nevermind that though, it’s in the past. IFRS, even if it’s a DeLorean ride away and government overhaul fever will create jobs for you and you’ll all be back in your McMansions in no time. At least attempt to channel some of that Tony Robbins shit.
Or continue being bitter, whichever.
Ajilon Professional Staffing releases 2010 Salary Guide [Press Release]