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Let’s Make a #BusySeason Playlist

Colin had the nerve to come to my state (Virginia) and do some douchey school tour so you all are stuck with me this week, in case you haven't figured it out by now.

The accounting news is slow and the CPA exam is played so let's collab on a busy season playlist while the cat is away, eh?

I'll start.

And here's the thing, you're a sad accountant working your life away. Sucks, doesn't it? Merle gets it.

Open Mike Eagle is a pal of mine. I always bump this when I'm driving up to NYC to save cats, surely you can inspire yourself to count some shit to this.

Did you ever look at something and wonder to yourself how the fuck your client even made it? That's what this The Knife song is about. The client you'll never get is this song and you're gonna be there for the next few weeks working it out, might as well jam.

My mom was a child of the 70s (fun fact). So I got exposed to a lot of weird stuff I wouldn't have otherwise, growing up in the late 90s. Like this gem. Whenever you are dealing with a particularly annoying colleague or client, just put it on. I swear you'll be good.

Add your contributions in the comments and if this becomes a thing, I'll make a Busy Season playlist.

Also… sorry… this was my shit.