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Going Concern March Madness Busy Season Survival: The Sweet Sixteen, Day Two

I'm in Raleigh, North Carolina today visiting students at North Carolina State, so I apologize for the delay in getting to the bottom half of the Sweet Sixteen in GCMM. I know you've shaking with anticipation.

In case you were unaware, tournament favorite Coffee is in the fight of its life with the boss treating the team to happy hour, while Excel, Chipotle, and Key Shortcuts have comfortable leads. If coffee gets knocked off, it would be the upset of the year. I don't think that is overstating the situation at all. Anyway, get over there and vote if you haven't yet, as the clock is ticking down to midnight eastern time when the polls close.

The bottom half of the sixteen still has some contenders, most notably, the powerhouse Booze, who should cruise in the next two rounds.

But if I can be wrong about coffee….well, I just don't want to think about it.

UPDATE: After a poll snafu, Bagel vs. Hot Pocket got off to a slow start. We're now back in business.
Food & Beverage
Bagels, somewhat disrespected with a #6 seed I must admit, made into the next round quite easily. Hot Pocket survived a nail biter in the first round over Someone else's Hot Pocket. Frankly, I'm surprised at the character that many of you lack; I really thought I was one of the few people who regularly swiped HPs out of the freezer with complete indifference. But in solidarity for shameless stealing of freezer foods, I have to root for bagels here. 


In Tech, we see Privacy Screen rolling into the next round confidently after taking down this here website. And email, despite all its flaws, dug it out against the USB 10-key calculator. This is a sleeper match-up, but Email is the last true Cinderella in the tournament but I still have no problem wishing its complete and utter destruction.

Food & Beverage
Booze versus Soda. Every so often, they compliment each other's strengths, but most of the time they just make each other worse. It's only fitting that they meet to determine which is more important to your busy season and your frequent trips to the lavatory. 

There's nothing worse than being stuck somewhere that doesn't have WiFi. The anxiety that you may be disconnected from your email is EXCRUCIATING. But thanks to ubiquity of Smartphones, this is no longer really a problem. But what if you're an auditor working in a remote location that has a janky connection? Well, I guess you can access that on your Smartphone too. What if you have a needy client that needs up-to-the-minute status of their refund? That's going to require you to schlep out a laptop isn't it? Actually, no. There's an app for that. Okay, Smartphone. You win. Unless you're a BlackBerry. Then you lose. God, do you ever lose.


If you haven't got your votes in for the top half of the GCMMBSSF&BvsT, what the hell have you been doing? Those polls will close at 11:59 pm ET tonight. These polls will close at noon on Friday. Get crackin'.