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Let’s Catch This PwC Partner Up on the Fun Stuff She Missed Over the Last 20 Years

If you spend 20 years at PwC — 10 of them as partner — you probably learn a thing or two. One could just imagine how different the PwC of today is from the PwC of 1995.

Kathryn Kaminsky, who started at PwC Canada before settling in New York City, recently opened up to The Glass Hammer about being a female partner in a firm with just 19% female partners. Her insight is surprisingly candid.

She offers a bit of advice for those of you who may obsess over the details and forget the bigger picture:

One thing that Kaminsky has learned over the course of her career is that “this too shall pass.” She says there are times that she wishes she’d had a thicker skin and realized that what seemed like a big deal at the time wouldn’t be in the long run. “I wish I hadn’t taken things so seriously and lost sleep over things that I shouldn’t have cared about,” she says.

And then she drops a bomb.

And while you’re out there, she advises having some fun. “In the 20 years that I’ve been at the firm, I definitely could have had a little more fun!”

Think of all the fun she's missed out on since 1995. The debut of Third Rock From the Sun, Bryant Gumbel's retirement as Today show co-host, me wearing the other team's jersey to our high school homecoming game because I was dating their quarterback, the engagement and subsequent marriage of Posh Spice and David Beckham, the whole hanging chad incident in 2000, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich suing Napster, the death of Napster, the rebirth of Napster… and that's just scratching the surface. There's also the Iraq War, the collapse of Arthur Andersen, and the housing crisis. Let's not forget Chumbawamba getting knocked down AND getting up again. Clearly, she's missed out.

20 years is a lot of potential lollygagging, now lost in the abyss of time. Hopefully now that she's at this place in her career, she can find time to make fart noises with her armpit and start snowball fights.