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At Least One McGladrey Employee Is Skeptical of the Motives Behind the Firm Giving Everyone iPads

This just in from a tipster (confirming a Tweet that was pointed out to us) inside the newly reconciled laugh factory known as McGladrey:

All McGladrey employees are getting a 3G iPad January 3rd. We found out in a big conference about our rebranding and RSM buyout.  It's still technically "company owned" so it's probably just a way to wring more work out of us.

Ahhhh, nothing sings like cynicism during the holidays.  So whether you consider this to be on the same level of generosity as Aronson's recent iPad giveaway is a matter of opinion but my guess is you won't be able to get any special engraving on your new toy unless it says, "Mickey G's – I'm Lovin' It!"