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Promotion Watch ’12: Deloitte Partners and Principals

Yes, 162 lucky boys and girls have earned their partner badges, according to an email that a tipster sent us. It's a crowning achievement after many long nights, arguments with spouse, and New Year's resolutions to shed the weight gained last busy season. Memo to ambitious youngsters: this is what it takes.

Here are some stats on this year's class so you don't have to sort through the details yourself:

  • AERS: 64
  • Consulting: 65
  • FAS: 6
  • Tax: 23
  • Markets & Offerings: 2
  • USA: 2

The city with the most new partners was New York with 21. Chicago admitted 15, Atlanta 13, Houston 12, and Los Angeles 10. You'll have to audit the rest if you want the numbers for your city.

And doing my best to identify gender based on names, I'd ballpark the number of women to be about 20-25% of the total class. Of course if you're a Deloitte person that knows the precise numbers, you could really help us out by emailing us the stats. 

Congrats to all the new partners and principals at Deloitte. The fun is just beginning. 

Alonso Fernandez, Elia AERS New York
Bauer, Kristin AERS Wilton
Berman, Adam AERS New York
Bird, Sean AERS Charlotte
Brown, Trent AERS Los Angeles
Buhr, Jeffrey AERS Kansas City
Cerutti, Scott AERS Wilton
Clarence, Brett AERS Atlanta
Craft, Jeffery AERS Pittsburgh
Cruz, Natalie AERS Los Angeles
Dawson, David AERS San Jose
de Freitas, Hamish AERS New York
Distefano, Laura AERS Houston
Dueck, Kevin AERS Wilton/Luxembourg
Fackler, George AERS Columbus
Farhat, Isa AERS McLean
Fegler, Jonathan AERS Arlington
Fehl, Christopher AERS Hartford
Fellows, William AERS San Francisco
Forestal, Marjorie AERS New York
Gauthier, Kevin AERS Boston
Goodwin, Chris AERS Arlington
Grasso, Robert AERS Philadelphia
Griffin, Casey AERS Boston
Guber, Brett AERS Jericho
Janota, Toni AERS Parsippany
Jermain, Dana AERS Kansas City
Johnson, Eric AERS Chicago
Johnson, Larissa AERS Omaha
Lademan, Sara AERS Detroit
Larson, Patrick AERS Minneapolis
Mantha, Kiran AERS New York
Martin, Bryan AERS Boston
Mattar, Shawn AERS San Jose
May, Tyson AERS Chicago
Melito, Mark AERS Boston
Menghi, Jason AERS Jericho
Minessale, James AERS Miami
Morrison, Andrew AERS Atlanta
Octavio, Tamara AERS Orange County
Ordway, Erika AERS Houston
Phillips, Jarrod AERS San Francisco
Potetz, Daniel AERS Pittsburgh
Reynolds, Mo AERS Stamford
Rigsby, Jason AERS Atlanta
Rubin, Eric AERS New York
Ruiz, Maria Carina AERS San Jose
Rusakova, Anzhela AERS San Jose
Sarabia, Jose AERS Los Angeles
Schultz, Dusty AERS Chicago
Sheng, Wei AERS McLean
Shoemake, Barry AERS Detroit
Smith, Christopher AERS Boston
Stone, Earl AERS Houston
Suryanarayan, Sunita AERS Los Angeles
Sweeney, Pat AERS New York
Tackett, Joseph AERS Houston
Tsumura, Mino AERS Wilton/Tokyo
Tzouganatos, Katerina AERS Boston
Vakili, Mo AERS Los Angeles
Van Wagner, Adam AERS Princeton
Vecchiarelli, Timothy AERS Philadelphia
Verducci, John AERS New York
Vigh, Tracy AERS Cleveland
Barroso, Francisco Consulting Los Angeles
Bennett, Carl Consulting Arlington
Bercum, Maximiliano Consulting Atlanta
Bergstrom, Jason Consulting Atlanta
Bolina, Ajay Consulting Parsippany
Cavins, John Consulting Atlanta
Cherry, Keith Consulting Arlington
Chheng, Sonny Consulting New York
Clapprood, Eric Consulting Hartford
Collins, George Consulting San Jose
Daher, Michael Consulting New York
Daniel, Mark Consulting Atlanta
Dave, Krishnakant Consulting Dallas
Dutt, Debanjan Consulting Chicago
Easom, Anthony Consulting Atlanta
Feinberg, Andrew Consulting Chicago
Frazier, Kimberly Consulting Austin
Frey, Rachel Consulting Sacramento
Gill, Jasmeet Consulting Chicago
Gomez, Lisa Consulting McLean
Gorman, Allyson Consulting Chicago
Haims, Joshua Consulting Philadelphia
Heinzer, Louis Consulting Arlington
Heron, James Consulting Boston
Hindley, Sarah Consulting Los Angeles
Jones, Robin Consulting New York
Kagan, Allan Consulting Chicago
Kambies, Tracie Consulting Atlanta
Krikhaar, Joost Consulting San Francisco
Lesser, Neil Consulting Philadelphia
Linich, David Consulting Cincinnati
Lobo, Aldila Consulting Austin
Maak, Derek Consulting San Jose
Malm, Scott Consulting Minneapolis
May, Olivier Consulting Chicago
McConnell, Belinda Consulting Chicago
Morimoto, Lance Consulting Arlington
Prabhakar, Kavitha Consulting Chicago
Quinones Cardona, Angel Consulting Parsippany
Reilly, Heather Consulting Arlington
Renner, Ryan Consulting Cleveland
Robu, Liliana Consulting New York
Rose, Kevin Consulting New York
Rupilius, Karl Consulting San Francisco
Scaggs, Drew Consulting Dallas
Seale, Michelle Consulting Houston
Shah, Nayan Consulting Chicago
Sharps, Kevin Consulting San Francisco
Shepley, Steven Consulting Los Angeles
Shrank, David Consulting Parsippany
Sinha, Avijeet Consulting Arlington
Smith, Bradley Consulting Philadelphia
Smith, David Consulting Boston
Snyder, Shawn Consulting Chicago
Sohail, Omer Consulting Dallas
Stachowiak, Michael Consulting Chicago
Stevens, Jason Consulting Pittsburgh
Tello, Juan Consulting Houston
Tweardy, John Consulting Pittsburgh
Vaidya, Hemal Consulting Arlington
Veraldi, Anthony Consulting Houston
Walcott, Jennifer Consulting Arlington
Widener, China Consulting Cincinnati
Winn, Christopher Consulting Kansas City
Yadavalli, Shashi Consulting Cleveland
Campanelli, Anthony FAS New York
Corbett, Kevin FAS New York
Goldblum, Corey FAS Atlanta
Krittman, Daniel FAS New York
Riley, Sean FAS Boston
Rosenbaum, Joshua FAS Arlington
Daley, Tom Markets & Offerings Houston
Maddalon, John Markets & Offerings San Francisco
Albright, Jackie Tax Houston
Anders, David Tax Houston
Athanas, John Tax Detroit
Belleville, Christopher Tax Indianapolis
Chen, June Tax Jericho
Chu, Jennifer Tax Los Angeles
Duran, Jessica Tax San Francisco
Harrison, Stephen Tax Atlanta
Kontaridis, Chris Tax Atlanta
Losavio, Stephen Tax New York
Lower, Jeffrey Tax Detroit
Magzen, Scott Tax Houston
McKenna, Shawn Tax Los Angeles
Musante, Stephen Tax Wilton/Hong Kong
Parenti, Eva Tax Chicago
Rangel, Heather Tax San Jose
Riisberg, Kristine Tax New York
Robinson, Andrew Tax Boca Raton
Sanders, David Tax Houston
Schmidt, Michael Tax Atlanta
Schulhof, Kenneth Tax New York
Sontz, Robert Tax New York
Varenchik, Troy Tax Orange County
Pozzi, Jeffrey USA San Francisco
Streck, Eric USA New York