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Layoff Watch ’20: Is There Trouble Brewing at EY Canada?

Things are starting to look a little ominous at EY in Canada, as we were told the specter of layoffs looms if EYers don’t volunteer to cut their billable hours.

According to a tip we received on April 30:

Had a call today at EY Canada (Ontario). Partners are saying that unless people start taking voluntary unpaid time off, layoffs are going to start soon. For instance, they’re offering people to work 20 hours a week for 60% of their normal salary. I’m fully expecting heads to start rolling soon.


We’re trying to find out some more information about what else is going on within Uncle Ernie’s Canadian army, like what partners are/have been doing to soften the blow (i.e., pay cuts, reduction in draws, etc.).

If any other Canadian EYers have some more information to share, or want to tell us what your mood and the mood of your colleagues is like right now, let us know by using the contact info below.

Hang in there, gang.