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KPMG Plants the Flag in Myanmar (or Burma or Whatever)

It's really a shame that there are so many countries that don't have a Big 4 member firm to call their own. However, with so many opportunities to provide exemplary professional services across the globe, firms must make tough decisions about where they would like to build a prosperous local firm while maintaining the image as one global firm. Not an easy task.

One corner of the world that has yet to experience Big 4 bliss is Myanmar (aka Burma). Until now. KPMG has decided to bust open the Burmese market by declaring it the "next economic frontier" in Asia and the firms is not being shy about declaring themselves FIRST!:

KPMG in Thailand has expanded to Myanmar, becoming the first of the Big Four professional services organizations to have a presence in the country, which is widely seen to be the "next economic frontier" in Asia. The recent easing of many international sanctions against Myanmar, also known as Burma, has sparked a great deal of interest from investors globally. "With the easing of trade sanctions, Myanmar has the potential for tremendous growth, and many multinationals and other investors are already entering the market or exploring opportunities," said Michael Andrew, Chairman, KPMG International. "In addition to the in-depth local knowledge and capabilities of the new office, KPMG can support clients investing in Myanmar with extensive global resources, including specialized practices in areas such as Financial Services, Healthcare, Hospitality and Infrastructure. We look forward to contributing to Myanmar's economic resurgence and to helping clients succeed in what should be a rapidly expanding economy." 
The House of Klynveld, Myanmar Edition will initially offer tax and advisory services but will spare everyone from their audit services for the time being.
[via KPMG