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One KPMGer Is Livid That She Won’t Be Able to Check Her Personal Email On Her Firm-Issued Laptop Ever Again

These screenshots of an internal KPMG memo hit our tip box earlier today:

Because the first part of the document is a little blurry/difficult to read, I’ve transcribed it below:

Protecting our IT systems

Published: Thursday, 03/03/2022

As the Russia-Ukraine war continues, KPMG is staying vigilant and guarding against cyber threats while continuing to stand with and support the people of Ukraine. To help protect the firm and our clients, we are taking several steps to restrict non-business internet connectivity. These restrictions help reduce the firm’s cyber risk exposure and are not expected or intended to impact business functions.

This includes:

  • Restricting access to certain higher-risk websites.
  • Restricting emails to or from higher-risk email domains.
  • Blocking access to personal email sites (e.g.,,, etc.) from KPMG laptops.

— This will not impact use of your email address to communicate to individuals with these types of email accounts; it only blocks your ability to access your personal email accounts from your KPMG laptop.
— Personal email accounts can continue to be accessed from smart phones or personal computers.
— Please not that while we are making this change now given the events going on around the world, it is a best practice and a change that will be permanent.

Our tipster from KPMG is not happy about this new policy change. AT. ALL.

I’m absolutely boiling over KPMG’s latest kick in the ass: banning all employees from being able to access our personal emails on a permanent basis. And pretending like this has to do with cyber security and international warfare is gross and transparent. Everyone knows they have been foaming at the mouth like a rapid [I’m pretty sure she meant “rabid”]  dog, waiting to chomp at the first opportunity to do this.

Lucky me – now I get to buy a personal computer in order to deal with my most basic needs – medical forms, Amazon return labels, school forms, personal taxes, etc. Perhaps KPMG’s extremely generous $5,000 senior manager raise that was announced many months ago and garnered tons of press, but of course has not yet gone into effect yet, can cover the cost… after 5+ months. Lmao.

To the many, many partners I know that read this website: f u, f u, f u. Thank you for making it clear who you care least about – those most likely to not have working college computer… experienced workers. And dare I say females, who this policy disproportionately effects because of, well, life? Promise you this: I’ll be gone by the end of the year.

There’s a thread on Fishbowl about the Radio Station’s new personal email policy that has more than a dozen comments: some saying KPMG is ridiculous for doing this, others saying the people at KPMG complaining about this are ridiculous. Feel free to choose a side in the comment section below.

9 thoughts on “One KPMGer Is Livid That She Won’t Be Able to Check Her Personal Email On Her Firm-Issued Laptop Ever Again

    1. Amen. Yeah, it’s a major pain in the butt but this lady lost me acting as if she can’t just go buy a cheap laptop as a SM and then of course as any good victim would do wrapping it into social injustice. Let me put it right back at her with “check your privilege”.

  1. I first encountered Yahoo mail being blocked when I was working at a client location and using its WIFI network 15 years ago. KPMG is behind the times.

  2. Buy your own computer – they are cheap. Don’t use Company resources for personal purposes.

  3. As a senior manager, she’s complaining to other accounting folks who know she probably makes well into the six figures. So what other over privileged Karen is she going to earn the sympathy from? Marjorie Taylor Greene? Is KPMG going full communist by forcing her to use her phone for email?

  4. I am surprised KPMG had not made this change before now. The risk from Randsomware is real so it is a necessary step for the KPMG security team. Corporate email systems have a level of protection but 3rd party email is a risk for the company. Other regional and large accounting firms have had this place for some time so this isn’t new. 3rd party email is blocked at my company so I use my phone for gmail and isn’t the end of the world. Drama queen IMO, good luck finding an accounting firm who doesn’t already have this polciy in place.

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