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Our Attempt to Give an Outlook on 2010

Thumbnail image for 2010.jpgAs is the wont of many fine publications, we’ll take a moment of your otherwise 100% chargeable day to dispense our outlook for 2010.
Many stories that were big in 2009 will be again and some stuff will just come out of nowhere. Here’s our stab at what we think you’ll be reading about in this corner of the blogosphere:
Layoffs – Will forced ranking continue or will we go back to the heyday when only new associates that ran naked through the hotel lobby at national training get let go?
The return of raises? – We’ve already got one guarantee courtesy of Bob Moritz but what about the rest of usual suspects?

The PCAOB’s fate – The SCOTUS decision could put an end to the Monday morning QBing.
IFRS vs. U.S. GAAP – Despite our sincerest wishes, the debate about who will use what and when it will happen and who will overlook everything is far from figured out.
Fraud – It’s a part of our lives. Accept it.
The latest on the CPA Exam – Thanks to our resident expert, you will pass in 2010. Or maybe you won’t.
Taxes – Whether it’s the IRS’s latest demonstration of efficiency or the latest attempt by Charlie Rangel to disqualify himself from his job, we’ll be sure you know everything worth knowing.
And of course we’ll be covering the latest rumors floating around your favorite firms. Whether it’s inappropriate use of email, the latest asinine cost-saving initiatives, the banishment of music, Tim Flynn’s whereabouts we’ll cover it.
Keep us updated by sending us tips and suggestions to [email protected] and we’ll serve it up.