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Joe Ucuzoglu Ascends the Throne of Deloitte Global, Maybe Someone Will Care This Time

Deloitte "if you just follow, you'll never lead" sheep billboard

Deloitte announced today that the man with the hardest to spell last name in accounting Joe Ucuzoglu will be taking over for Punit Renjen as Deloitte Global CEO. Yes, there’s a press release:

The Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (Deloitte Global) Board today announced the selection of Joe Ucuzoglu as Deloitte Global CEO, subject to a ratification vote by Deloitte member firm partners. Ucuzoglu has been the CEO of Deloitte US since 2019. Deloitte operates in 150 countries with more than 415,000 professionals and revenue in our latest fiscal year of $59.3 billion.

Ucuzoglu will succeed Punit Renjen, who has served as the Deloitte Global CEO since 2015. Upon retirement, Renjen will become Global CEO Emeritus. As Deloitte Global CEO, Renjen developed and executed a global strategy that resulted in Deloitte revenue growing from $35 billion to more than $59 billion in just seven years. Today, Deloitte is the leading professional services organization in the world, recognized as the strongest and most valuable commercial services brand, a leader in audit quality, and one of the world’s best places to work.

Joe Ucuzowhateverhisnameis, King of Deloitte

You know, normally when firms say they are the “leading professional services organization” they are taking some liberty with the definition of the word “leading” but in this case Deloitte does sit at the top of the Big 4 pile, at least when it comes to revenue. Deloitte pulled in a record $59.3 billion in revenue for the financial year ending May 31, an 18.1% increase over 2021’s haul of $50.2 billion.

The press release goes on to talk about some stuff Deloitte has done under Renjen’s leadership — namely launching WorldClass and WorldClimate, two initiatives we will not bother describing in detail for the sake of brevity, look them up if you want — and then you get the obligatory quotes about how kick ass Punit was. Back to Joe:

Speaking of his successor, Renjen said, “Joe is an exceptional leader. We have worked together side by side for many years, and I believe he is an excellent choice to serve as the next Deloitte Global CEO. He has been a member of the Deloitte Global Executive team for the last several years, and I am confident that, under his leadership, Deloitte will continue to deliver outstanding results for our people, clients, and the communities in which we live and work.”

In response to his nomination, Joe Ucuzoglu, Deloitte US CEO and the next Deloitte Global CEO said, “It is my great honor to be chosen to lead this extraordinary organization. I believe deeply in Deloitte’s responsibility to lead through the unprecedented pace of change the world is experiencing, and to meet the rapidly expanding needs of our stakeholders. I want to thank Punit for his excellent leadership of Deloitte.”

Deloitte is leading something alright.

The member firm partner vote to ratify Ucuzoglu will take place throughout the month of November, and he will assume the Deloitte Global CEO role upon Renjen’s retirement on December 31, 2022. No word on who will take his place at the helm of Deloitte US.

‘Grats, Joe. Maybe this time around people will care about your spectacular achievement.