September 26, 2020

No One Seems to Care That Deloitte Named Joe Ucuzoglu CEO

Is it me or does there seem to be absolutely no buzz about Joe Ucuzoglu being elected as the new CEO of Deloitte? Is it because people are still talking about yesterday’s guilty verdict in the trial of former KPMG partner David Middendorf? Or maybe because we’ve known unofficially since December that Ucuzoglu was going to take over the big chair?

Joe Ucuzoglu

I can’t find anything about this on Deloitte’s website (as of 2:05 p.m. EDT). And no congratulatory tweet from Deloitte US on Twitter. The only thing I saw this morning was a Deloitte press release sent out on PR Newswire at 2 p.m. EDT yesterday. I found a couple of articles posted earlier today about Joe U. becoming CEO and Janet Foutty being elected chair of the Deloitte Board of Directors, but that’s it.

Does anyone else find this weird?

Ucuzoglu, chairman and CEO of Deloitte’s audit practice, Deloitte & Touche, will replace Cathy Engelbert as Deloitte CEO on June 2. Engelbert was not nominated by the firm’s board of directors last year to serve a second four-year term as CEO.

Ucuzoglu succeeded Engelbert as chairman and CEO of Deloitte & Touche in March 2015, after Engelbert was promoted to lead Deloitte, becoming the first woman CEO of a Big 4 firm in the U.S.

About being elected CEO, Joe U. said:

“I am truly honored and humbled by this opportunity my partners have given me to lead Deloitte. Our multidisciplinary platform positions us uniquely to lead our diverse stakeholders through a period of disruptive change and capitalize on the rapid pace of innovation. It is imperative that, as a business community, we project a positive vision of the many benefits that a technology-driven future will have across our society. We are deeply committed to delivering differentiated value and making a positive impact on our clients, our people and our communities.”

Ucuzoglu serves on Deloitte Global’s Board of Directors, which has a new chairwoman, as well as other boards, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Before being appointed CEO of Deloitte & Touche in 2015, Ucuzoglu was Deloitte’s national managing partner for government, regulatory, and professional matters. He was formerly a senior adviser to the chief accountant at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Janet Foutty

Foutty, a 28-year veteran at Deloitte, was named Deloitte Consulting’s first female CEO in December 2015. She will succeed Mike Fucci as Deloitte US chairman of the board, a title he has held since March 2015.

Previously, Foutty led Deloitte’s federal government practice and the Deloitte Consulting technology practice. And you can see her in a new comic book.

About taking over as chair of the firm’s board of directors, Foutty said:

“Leading the Deloitte board is a privilege and I’m grateful for the confidence our partners have placed in me. I am committed to ensuring effective, transparent governance while at the same time providing collaborative strategic guidance to Joe and his management team as we strive to further differentiate the value we deliver to the marketplace and fulfill our public interest responsibilities.”

OK, Green Dots, how do you feel about your new CEO? Let us know in the comments—unless you don’t care either.

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