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I’ve lost any and all motivation

Hi fellow bean counters, I'm a little frustrated and just need to rant and also ask a couple of questions. I've been in public accounting for four years and about to be in my fifth tax season. The firm I work for is a small regional, with two offices and about 50 employees. Our focus is 75% audit and 25% tax. I've been the ONLY "staff" in tax, since about July. I feel like I've become the "tax bitch," and people think I'm a robot. I have wanted to started my own firm (I currently moonlight and have about 15 clients), and right now I feel like I just want to quit and go out on my own and build up my own practice. I don't want to leave the firm in a difficult position, and I've been waiting on them to hire another "staff."

Also, I get fucked on bonuses and other perks too, because the firm has a million audit employees and I'm the only tax staff, and I get thrown into their bonus pool. Last year when we got our raises, my raise was $1,000, which pissed me off, but I thought I'd quit in the summer, which didn't happen. I currently make $53,000, but feel highly underpaid for all the shit I have to do.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!