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Staff 2 Who Couldn’t Fake It at EY Anymore: “I Would Just Cry Every Single Day After Work”

an exit sign

A 24-year-old woman working at EY in Seattle who left after a year because she didn’t know what she was doing and could no longer fake it let it all hang out on her TikTok.

Some choice quotes from her “Why I quit my job with no backup plan💅🏼” video (embedded below):

“I don’t understand accounting, I don’t like what I’m doing.”
“When I would tell other seniors and staff, like, how I felt they would all tell me ‘Everyone here is faking it, we have no idea what we’re doing.'”
“I got my Master’s in accounting, I went to school for accounting and I just don’t want to do anything related to accounting anymore.”
“I hate wearing business professional stuff, I hate just sitting at the computer, I hate meetings, I hate talking professionally, I just hate it all, guys.”

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Her resignation letter from an earlier video:

screenshot of a TikTok video about quitting Big 4

She seems to be doing just fine without the Big 4 hassle in her life.

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11 thoughts on “Staff 2 Who Couldn’t Fake It at EY Anymore: “I Would Just Cry Every Single Day After Work”

  1. Masters in accounting – so this individual was able to obtain 150 credits…Maybe we need 180.

    1. Masters in accounting… With no understanding of accounting. I don’t think it’s the number of credits.

    2. I’m sure this is not literal, she probably had a great GPA afterall she got hired. She was probably recruited from her school. In terms of her not knowing what she was doing on the job we’ll that’s a different matter entirely.

  2. Blows my mind how people voluntarily put their entire life on blast for all to see for social media views. This girl basically admitted she can’t handle to real world or slightest bit of adversity.

      1. I mean her career will lielly be severely decimated as most employers wont want to be put on blast like this.

  3. I guess this is what honesty looks like or it feels nowadays in the accounting profession. Maybe she wise enough to change her life for the better.

  4. Being frank, everyone in this comment section is a terrible person.

    You are putting down a random person that had a breakdown. I don’t know what would compel you in your life to do anything like that to a person.

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