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It’s a Damn Shame That There’s No Summer Break From Business Casual

The country is on fire this week. I mean, even Canada is thawing out. On one sweaty hand, it’s nice to see the month of July actually pulling its weight and holding up its end of summer. On the other, it’s FRIGGIN HOT. How are you all compensating with the threat of melting today? 
Let’s discuss office-by-office dress policy. I wanted to throw it to you all and see what everyone’s offices are doing when it comes to business casual this summer. Have any offices relaxed the policies? Golf polos are the norm on the west side, but what about in tighter NYC offices and elsewhere?
Ladies, do you get away with fashionable shorts around the office? 1) Good for you. 2) We gents are mighty jealous. If only you had to walk a mile in our misfitting khakis…
Gents, are you part of the puzzling (and swamp ass infested) anti-shorts cult? If so, ummm…why? For the sake of the social damage caused by your constant sweat lines, pick up some of these with your next recognition award.
Is there a manager on your engagement whose sole purpose in life is to play the role of Fashion Police? Demerits are handed out for casual sandals and untucked polos. Note — if you are this manager, PEOPLE HATE YOU.
Interns — how are you screwing things up this summer in the dress code department? 
Going to a partner's house for a summer barbeque? Nice! While you live-tweet the whole thing with the hashtag #drunkatwork, be sure to leave the cargo shorts at home.  
And if you happen to work on a client with a casual dress code where flip flops are standard issue and there’s a fridge full of chilled summer ales, know that you are hated. Really, really hated.