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Is There a Such Thing as Corporate Bonding Exercises That AREN’T Objectively Terrible?

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So r/accounting decided they wanted to remind of us of PwC’s horrifying Shabooya incident and discuss corporate bonding exercises that are somehow worse than that which I didn’t think was possible. Because I hate to cringe alone, I figured I’d share in case you missed it.

First, Shabooya for the unfamiliar (TW: cringing, unnecessary enthusiasm):

PwC, you will never live this down. And now the contender for the title of Even Worse Than Shabooya:

The comments go on to describe equally horrifying team building events that include choreographed dances, singing, and weirdly classist chili cook-offs.

Remember when flash mobs were a thing? If you don’t, boy do we have a treat for you.

How about solving low morale by allowing the team to spend one hour every three months playing board games? One whole hour? So, assuming 50 hour weeks times four weeks a month times three months is 0.166666667% of your time allotted to something fun. Neat.

Sweet tap dancing Christ, I don’t know if I can get through this whole thread. Must. Soldier. On.

I refuse to believe this is a thing that actually happened.

You know what, I’m tapping out. I can’t. Maybe pizza parties aren’t so bad after all.

Worst corporate team bonding or training event you had to endure? I have one that can top the PwC shabooya dance [Reddit]