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Shabooya! PwC Makes the Front Page of Reddit But Not In a Good Way

It’s always funny to me as a person who has spent the majority of my adult life lingering around the periphery of the accounting profession when, in the course of my day outside of work, I randomly come across accounting-related material. It’s especially funny when said material is being reacted to by the population at large, as they often seem shocked and horrified by what they’re seeing. It’s like watching little kids at the zoo seeing a giraffe for the first time — on the one hand they’re fascinated but on the other slightly alarmed and wondering how such a creature can even exist. That’s exactly what happened when someone posted this PwC Elevate roll call to r/videos.

For those who don’t know, PwC Elevate is “designed to provide students, with early internship offers, an opportunity to build relationships with PwC professionals while discovering the possibilities of an innovative and digitally enabled career first-hand. As a participant you should be prepared to see your career soar to new heights!” In case you couldn’t tell, that’s copied text from their website.

So this is the first impression these future capital market servants are getting of their possibly future firm. The upside for PwC is that the other three firms these students might consider working for are likely also doing this cringey shit, it just so happens to be PwC’s day in the spotlight for this particular one.

The comment section on YouTube is locked (probably for the best); however, the Reddit thread is jam-packed with thousands of people sharing their own stories of corporate “feel-good” nonsense. You don’t have to be an accountant to relate to the awkwardness of playground hijinks wrapped in the illusion of “fun.”




There are countless more, including a guy who said this video gives him a new appreciation for COVID-19, but I’ll spare you and let you go check them out yourself.

I’ll say this: Firms embarrassing themselves with culty cheerleader chants never gets old.

5 thoughts on “Shabooya! PwC Makes the Front Page of Reddit But Not In a Good Way

  1. So fucking embarrassing. There are a lot of benefits of working for a Big 4 firm, but the ridiculous amount of group think and conformity required is not one of them. This video caused flashbacks for me. All those times the firm said that they wanted my opinion, and then took a giant shit on me if my opinion did not conform to the company approved message. Working at large companies like this is so dehumanizing.

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