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How to Create a CPA Exam Study Schedule That Guarantees Failure

As we have told you since the dawn of time, those of you with a tendency to procrastinate need a solid CPA exam study schedule to stay on track. Simply leaving your FAR book on the coffee table while you binge watch Orange Is the New Black isn't going to work.

A basic study schedule outlines your entire day, from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. You can plan about 400 hours of studying total between all four parts, give or take depending on how familiar you are with the material.

On average, you should study no more than 3 hours at a time, as your brain tends to turn off if you cram any longer than that. On weekends, you can squeeze in more than 3 hours but only if you take a nap, watch a movie, or go outside and play between sessions.

For those of you who prefer to spend most of your time napping, watching movies, and playing outside, we've created a pretty solid study schedule that will guarantee your total failure. This schedule assumes you work a "normal" day and spend a lot of time on social media talking about the exam because that's almost as good as studying, right?

7:00am: press snooze four times

7:40am: take a long shower, using up all the hot water if possible

8:00am: get ready for work (change outfits 5 – 10 times if needed)

8:30am: commute to work, get in political arguments on Facebook from your smartphone

9:00am: arrive at work, check in on your Facebook political arguments

9:30am: look at cat photos on the Internet

10:30am: do some work

11:15am: plan lunch

11:30am: return to Facebook political arguments, block any jerks who disagree with you and post multiple passive aggressive status updates about how stupid people are

11:45am: check to see how many likes your passive aggressive statuses have

12:15pm: order and eat lunch, use this time to catch up with coworkers and tell them about your Facebook drama

1:30pm: do some work

2:30pm: Instagram stack of CPA review flashcards your firm paid for and bemoan how hard studying is

3:00pm: check to see how many likes your CPA review flashcards have, add every person who comments so you can complain about the CPA exam together

3:40pm: do some work

5:30pm: invite coworker who is taking FAR next week out for drinks so you can complain about the CPA exam together

7:00pm: arrive home, prepare to study

7:30pm: Instagram stack of CPA review books

7:45pm: check #CPAexam hashtag on Twitter

8:15pm: clean up your DVR because you can't concentrate until you've gotten through the last three episodes of Game of Thrones you missed

2:15am: wake up in a pool of your own drool after passing out on the couch mid GoT binge

A few more weeks of this, and you're sure to fail miserably at the exam! Next time around, be sure to pencil in time to spend on CPA exam forums for complaining about how hard the exam is and getting advice on how to pass this time.

In all seriousness, we are looking for input from you guys on what study schedules have worked for you. If you would like to share yours with the class, get in touch. In the meantime, here's a guide from Crush the CPA Exam on how to reduce your CPA exam study time and some basic sample study planners from CPA Exam Club by way of Roger CPA Review.