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The IRS Was Just Kidding About Not Providing Interstate Migration Data

Last week, a number of conservative media outlets got a little bent out of shape when the IRS said that it would no longer be providing interstate migration data. The reason being that the data provided was immensely valuable because it shows how people "vote with their feet" — leaving states with high income tax rates for those with lower or no income tax. You know, lovers of freedom and whatnot ditching blue states like New York and California for places like Texas and Florida. It was then suggested by some that there was something quite nefarious going on, the discontinuation was an outrage, etc. etc.

Well! Perhaps surprised to learn that their migration data was such a hot commodity, the IRS came out yesterday and assured everyone that their idea of canceling the exercise was just for grins:

State and county migration statistics will continue to be produced and posted on this site. Statistics for 1990 through 2010 are currently available. Statistics for 2011 will be posted as soon as they are completed. In addition, work is underway at IRS and the Bureau of the Census to develop additional migration statistics that take advantage of improved data that have recently become available.
Hopefully everybody feels better now.