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Invigorating During Busy Season, You’re Doing It Wrong

9 Tips for Invigorating Weary Brains, Bodies and Balance Sheets via the AICPA Insights blog may not be the most cutting-edge piece of accounting journalism you've ever read but it is full of useful ideas to survive busy season such as eating breakfast and getting your rest. Gee, what would people do if they didn't have articles like these to read? Forget to put socks before shoes?

Whew! After months of long hours, you and your colleagues are likely finishing up the first filing deadlines of the year. Nice going!

Even with April 15 clearly in sight, there’s still work to be done by many practitioners. Clients are counting on your smarts like never before to help them make sense of their financial situation in this new environment and find ways to improve it. Let’s face it, you are running on fumes, yet you are far from the finish line and a well-earned break.

The big question you may be asking now is, “How can I get an energy boost so I’ll have the stamina to deliver on the promises I have made to my clients?” 

Show of hands, is that really the big question you may be asking now?

Here are some of your life-changing tips:

Work in a Workout – It’s natural to feel the need to give up your fitness routine as work levels increase. Think again. It may sound counterintuitive but when you build time for a 20-30 minute workout into your day, you will essentially get that time back and then some. Why? Your body will operate more efficiently and perform at a higher level. In addition, you will be more focused, confident and motivated. That means a positive impact on your interactions with those around you. So schedule time to get back to the gym, go for a run or take a brisk walk. Put it on your calendar. Commit to it like you would other important meetings.  

Check Your Posture – Did you know that your posture could be sabotaging you without your realizing it? When you sit up straight you can increase your oxygen intake by up to a third. That means more energy goes to your noggin and your muscles. Need a posture jumpstart? Trade in your desk chair for an exercise ball. Not only will it help you sit up straight, it will strengthen your core and it’s comfy, too!

Catch Some Rays – Spending just a few minutes outside can do wonders for your mind and body. For starters, it reduces stress and blood pressure. Sunshine helps you produce vitamin D which is important to good health and serotonin to improve your mood and help you sleep.  

All excellent ideas; sunlight, exercise, great posture that creep in the skin suit Slim Goodbody taught us about in elementary school. I'm way on board with this!

But then Tsar appears in the comments and I'm not quite sure what to make of this suggestion:

The mini vacation is crucial. Just sleeping at a motel 6 and taking some tax returns there with you to review. It's the break in the routine that's critical.

Sleeping at a Motel 6. Surrounded only by cheap decor, questionable stains that only show up under black light and tax returns. Yeah, man, sounds like just what one needs to refresh.