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Industry tax person interested in becoming an auditor

Hello all, 

I graduated from college with a BBA in accounting in May 2012. Since then, I have been working in a financial services firm doing tax provisions within the tax group. While this tax position has allowed me to gain practical tax knowledge and experience, eventually I would like to get into roles that involve reporting/finance.

I plan to go back to school full time in January for my Masters in accounting, 1) to get the additional credits needed for certification (I passed all four parts of my CPA exam last year), 2) to hopefully get an audit job with one of the Big 4 firms for some public accounting experience. I have a few questions below and would truly appreciate your comments, advice, and suggestions.

1) Do you think this is a good approach for me to get into public accounting?

2) Generally speaking, what do Big 4 firms think of candidates such as myself? I have heard from some people that Big 4 firms prefer to hire people with no prior full-time working experience for entry level positions. Is this true? Would the fact I have worked in tax for 2 years counts as a disadvantage against me when I apply for an audit position?

Thank you!