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If Accounting Firms’ Slogans Were Honest, What Would They Be?

Surely you've seen Honest Slogans floating around your Facebook newsfeed? If you haven't, the premise is pretty obvious:

This got us thinking, what if accounting firms were honest in their marketing? Like this:

Let's face it, none of the firms' slogans even make sense. What the hell is cutting through complexity supposed to mean? And how many marketing geniuses did it take to come up with that? EY has an entire landing page dedicated to explaining what on Earth building a better working world actually means, though I can't see a potential audit client thinking "gee, I was going to go with another Big 4 firm that charges less but you know what, these EY people are just so dedicated to collaboration I just can't resist!"

So? What do you guys think? Should we come up with some honest accounting firm slogans or what?