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Certain People Are Not Exactly Pleased With the Way California Handles CPA Exam Scores

Hulk Smash

Hey guys, I’m happy to report I’m back from the plague and would like to thank the exactly none of you who sent me well wishes while I lay dying in a hospital bed. Seriously, y’all are the worst.

OK so, as my esteemed colleague Bramwell pointed out earlier this week while I was busy trudging ever-so-slowly toward the light, December 19 marked the final CPA exam score release of 2018. For some people, no doubt that meant relief. For others, well, let’s just say their holiday festivities will likely be marred with bitterness and anger (then again, whose aren’t?). Whatever the outcome, some people are never happy. Take for example this small but incensed group who took to Twitter to gripe about the California score release process.

OK look, I get it. In a world where I can summon some dude to bring beer directly to my door in under an hour, it really doesn’t make sense that the entire score release process has to be such a pain. I’ve been writing about the exam for ELEVEN long-ass years now and I’d be lying if I said the process has improved dramatically in that time. When one considers how many other technological advances we’ve seen during that time, it’s no wonder people get upset in desperate times like these when their scores are delayed.

Still, shit happens. You know who I feel bad for? Whoever yelled at the California Board of Accountancy about their score being delayed only to find out they failed. Boy is that guy gonna be a blast on Christmas.