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How did you feel after your first section of the CPA Exam?

Just took FAR.  Felt miserable afterwards.  First testlet was easy, second and third were pretty rough.  The third being riddled with Gov't questions that were really tricky.  Got to the SIMs, and wow, brutal.  The SIMs were much lengthier and trickier compared to Becker, the first two I had covered. Third and Fourth I'm hoping for partial on. Fifth I could tell was a test SIM, but I used the AL to answer the best I could (even though it won't count towards my score, right?)  Sixth I had very little clue, but threw my best guess JEs in there. and the research question, I THINK I found, it was really obscure. After all this, I had an hour left.  I've always been a fast test taker, did well in college 3.7 undergrad, 3.5 masters, but this made me think, "shit, I bombed".  So I tried to research any questions left for the SIMs and just walked out with 45 min left.

I studied becker for two months before, roughly 3-4 hours a day.  Scored 70~ on the Becker Finals.

From what I've heard, if you feel like you failed, you might have, or you might have passed.  If you feel good, you definitely failed. (which I'm sure isn't true for the 250+ study hours per section people) 

Question is, what was your first test feeling like before, during, and afterwards?