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Would Anyone Else Like To Freak Out About BEC Scores Taking So Long?

Here's your daily dose of CPA exam candidate freak out:

Hi Going Concern,

I just called the CPA Exam Services to ask why my BEC score was not released on September 11th.  I was told my exam is still being graded and I should expect my score within one week.

Although I understand that BEC takes longer to grade, I find the additional waiting period absurd.  Out of curiosity, have you heard of other cases like this?

Colorado Candidate that took BEC on 8/31/12

This is a funny question, obviously, because we have "although I understand" followed directly by "this is really pissing me off." You sure you understand, OP?

The AICPA very clearly disclaims that BEC scores may take a tad longer than others. Couple that with the fact that the window was extended beyond the end of August to accommodate those affected by Hurricane Isaac and you have a perfect storm (no pun intended) of CPA exam candidate patience fuckery:

Q. Are there any differences in score release by Exam section (AUD, FAR, REG, BEC)?

A. Yes.  Some candidates who take the BEC section might receive their scores approximately one week following the target release date due to additional analysis that might be required for the written communication tasks.  Also note that written communication tasks now appear in the BEC section only.

So, to answer the original question, no, no one has emailed me this quarter to cry about how their BEC score is delayed but there is this one chick on Twitter freaking out about hers so you aren't entirely alone here.

What's the lesson? When planning your exams, just go ahead and assume BEC will take an extra week. In the meantime, go outside and play. There's nothing more you can do but wait.