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Can cigarettes make your career go up in smoke?

Ed. note: cigarettes are bad for you, mmkay?

Hi everyone,

I'm a University student who has interned at a Big 4 firm and subsequently accepted an offer. Unwisely, I occasionally indulge myself in a cigarette, usually only in social settings with certain close friends. 

I'm a very self-conscious smoker who works to hide my habit. Few people know I smoke, and during my internship I never once smoked before or during work or a social event. I even make sure that none of my clothes have the scent, and my vehicle is smoke free.

Are any of you current/reformed smokers in the Big 4 realm? Additionally, is there a stigma attached to smoking that could harm your career were anyone to find out? As I said, this is an indulgence that I'm ashamed of and working to correct, I'm just curious of any professional implications. Thanks.