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Hiring Watch ’15: KPMG ‘Lou Wants You

KPMG plans to hire 175 IT professionals in St. Louis. The positions "will range from entry level to management, will be part of KPMG’s national technology organization." So if you know anyone looking for an internal IT job, with an accounting firm, who wants to live in St. Louis, then I guess you should let them know about this.

These hiring announcements are always chock full of eye-roll-worthy quotes from both the firm leaders and city officials, so let's enjoy some fluffy soundbites:

“I’m thrilled to announce our expanded presence in St. Louis,” Karen Vangyia, KPMG’s managing partner in St. Louis, said in a statement. “Our firm recognized the strengths that St. Louis offers in terms of a strong talent pool, and city and state officials welcomed us with open arms. From all aspects, St. Louis made the most sense for our firm.”

And now the mayor:

"KPMG has been an important part of our local business community for over a century, and its decision to add tech jobs here reinforces our reputation as a technology hub," he said.

St. Louis has a reputation as a technology hub? Is that sorta like saying that Cardinals fans are the best in baseball? Becuase most people don't really believe that when they hear it.

Even the St. Louis Regional Chamber president got in on the act:

"KPMG has repeatedly demonstrated its unwavering commitment to St. Louis for many years and the company’s decision to add these information technology jobs underscores their support of and for our region,” Joe Reagan, the chamber's president and chief executive, said in a press release. “KPMG sets the standard for innovation and we couldn’t be more proud and pleased to have played a role in their decision to expand here in St. Louis.”

Okay, 175 new jobs is great and all, but let's cool it with the "KPMG sets the standard for innovation" stuff. He knows this is an accounting firm, right? They're not sending rockets into space.