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Here’s Your Open Thread for Grant Thornton Compensation Discussions (2016)

Grant Thornton saves its compensation discussions for the dog days of summer. My hunch is that they like sharing disappointing news when people are feeling lethargic and unwilling to make too much of a fuss over a raise that barely keeps up with inflation.

ANYWAY. I'm in Chicago this week so it also seems appropriate to spring this thread on the GT faithful while I am in town and even a day early. Why not?

The pleading started last week, well in advance of the big day, which is supposed to be tomorrow:

Grant Thornton comp will be sent out on July 20th! Ready the Comp Discussion!

Grant Thornton comp talks are happening! Ready the post.

GT Comp talks underway, where's the thread?!

Then there's this tip we received this morning that's a little more informative:

GT compensation comes out tonight at 6PM/tomorrow morning – a lot of rumbles in the jungle right now; management keeps saying its gunna be a great year and everything is up, but the attitude at the ground level is expectations might be squandered after last years high standard

I won't drag this out any longer. As usual, those familiar with how things roll around here ask that you provide the following:

  • Position, promotion (if applicable)
  • City (region is not informative) & Line of Service
  • % Raise 
  • % Bonus (if any)
  • Old & New Base

Keep cool, GT. About the money, that is. 

More compensation season:

Image: Raysonho/Wikimedia Commons