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Here’s Your Open Thread For the Fourth CPA Exam Score Release of Q1 2020

Hello and happy Thursday, everyone! I hope you are safely enjoying your home office or, as is usually my case, a comfy corner of your couch. Scores are out:

Today’s score release means the quarter is almost over except for the last scores trickling out that weren’t received by the AICPA by the March 11 cut-off.

Testing Window: January 1 – March 10 (20Q1)

As we found out yesterday, Prometric is closing testing centers through April 16 — perhaps longer should the situation change between now and then — which could obviously affect any retesting plans should you get bad news today. Once testing centers do reopen, NASBA has stated that face masks and rubber gloves are considered “personal item exemptions” and candidates will be allowed to wear them at the testing center.

On a side note, today happens to be the first day of spring which is a great time to think about decluttering and getting a fresh start. So if you’re one of the unlucky ones with a <75 in your NASBA account today, now is your chance to re-commit. Heck, we’re all stuck inside anyway, might as well fire up those CPA review lectures and throw yourself into studying.

And for those of you who got the coveted “PASSED” news today, congrats! I’d say go celebrate at the bar or something but … yeah don’t do that. Congrats anyway.