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Here’s Your Open Thread For the Fourth and Final CPA Exam Score Release of Q2 2019

If it feels like we literally just had a score release thread the other day I assure you you’re not going crazy. I mean, you absolutely could be going crazy — especially if you’re studying for the CPA exam and not just reading this for fun — but not on this particular issue.

Hey so it’s score release day. Again. Only this one is special because it’s the last score release of the second quarter and you won’t have to suffer through the agony of hoping your scores are released on time again until August. I’m sure that seems like an impossibly long time from now but it’ll be here before you know it because that’s how time works or something. We went over this last time.

Anyway, if you sat for your exam on or before June 10, you should expect a score today. Actually, you may already have a score unless you live in one of those weird states that uses carrier pigeon and Morse code to transmit CPA exam scores.

I’m still not sure if early score release is a blessing or a curse. On the one hand, you get it over with, like an uncomfortable phone call you’ve been putting off, and no matter how bad it ends up being, you do always end up feeling a twinge of relief once it’s over. On the other, if it’s bad news then your day is fucked. But whatever, it was going to be fucked anyway regardless of when you found out.

So yeah. With that little pep talk, good luck and all that. I’m sure you did great.