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Here’s Yet Another CPA Exam Candidate Jilted By Prometric’s Sloppiness

I know it's shocking but we have another CPA exam candidate upset, stressed out and unnecessarily worked up by a Prometric issue. I have absolutely no reason to believe anyone would make these stories up and after years of working with this stuff, when the same type of story comes to my attention time and time again, I can only assume there is something terribly wrong with this whole deal. If you guys are truly outraged, you need to keep the stories coming. Get in touch and keep the pressure on Prometric to shape up or ship out. You might think the AICPA doesn't care but I guarantee you if big enough of a stink is made about how Prometric is openly violating its agreement by failing to follow its own security procedures, exposing candidates to undue stress, major IT failures and the like, at some point they're going to be forced to address it.

Note: I'm going to try to edit this into English as best I can but no promises. Thank goodness they got rid of the written communication in FAR, AUD and REG, huh?!

I too had a horrific experience with Prometric while taking my last section of REG. I was all prepared to get it done with and then just one day before the exam, I received an email from Prometric saying due to some technical difficulties my test has been cancelled and that I will have to reschedule. I freaked out as I was prepared mentally to take the exam and also it was my last section. I was determined to take that exam in [the current] window so I went to their office with a plan that I would convince them somehow that if they are not able to take my exam tomorrow, I will request they let me sit for exam today. But there I went and the lady told me "we have NOT cancelled your exam. You are scheduled to appear tomorrow." I was shocked and angry. Had I not cross-checked with them, I would have lost my attempt and also my exam fees not to mention had to study again and go through all the torture again. I appeared for exam next day. After that I followed up with AICPA and Prometric about that false email. First I thought it was a spam but Prometric confirmed that it was sent out to me by mistake. Not a single word of appology from them!!…AICPA kept mum….It was really a bad expereince and since then I keep telling all CPA candidates I meet not to believe on Prometric emails but to double check..!!

Oh technical difficulties! You don't say! Here's the jist of the actual email this candidate received:

Dear candidate,
Please be aware that due to unforeseen circumstances we have been required to reschedule your pending Prometric exam.
Prometric will schedule your exam to the next available date. An email confirmation will be sent with the new exam details within the next 48 hours. When unable to test on the new test date, time and location please call our Regional Contact Center. Contact details can be found on

We apologize for this inconvenience and are looking forward to working with you on a satisfactory solution. 



Now, anyone who hasn't actually taken a professional exam might look at that and say "Big deal, quit your whining and go take it on another day." That's awesome but some people have kids, jobs and lives to worry about. Not to mention spending weeks to months on end preparing for the exam only to be told you're going to have to reschedule? That's rude. In the case of this candidate, of course, that was all BS but what happens to the candidates who have scheduled their last exam for the very last possible day within their 18 month window? Does Prometric get to subvert exam administrators' own rules and say "Whoops, our bad, forget that 18 months, go take the exam next week, no big deal"?

Anyway, Prometric did issue this candidate an apology for the mistake and – bigger people that they are – offered to waive the rescheduling fees. Well that's really nice of them.

Subject: Incorrect Prometric e-mail sent January 30th
Dear candidate,

On Friday January 30 you received an e-mail message from Prometric advising that your exam would need to be rescheduled, and that Prometric would contact you with an alternate date and time for your exam. Due to an unfortunate mistake, you received this message in error. If you were able to test at your originally scheduled date and time, no further action is necessary on your part. If you were unable to test at your original date and time as a result of our mistake, please contact us immediately at [email protected] and we will work with you to find a date and time that is convenient to you. You will not be charged a rescheduling fee as a result of our mistake. We sincerely apologize for any confusion or anxiety caused by sending you incorrect information. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

I'm sure they sincerely apologize for any confusion or anxiety. It's all good, it's not like people are ready to chew off their fingertips with anxiousness heading into their exams or anything to begin with.

When does it end, Prometric? Seriously.