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Here’s an Unconfirmed Account of Ernst & Young’s Flexible Scheduling in Action

If you take the time to poke through the profiles of the accounting firms on this year's FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For, you would find the following under Ernst & Young's "What Makes It So Great?":

Flexible scheduling at the accounting firm allows team members to choose one night each week during busy season to leave the office by 6 p.m.
You may remember this flexible scheduling being a subject of a New York Times article back in January 2011. You may also remember the New York Times article being an object of ridicule in a Going Concern article in January 2011
Now in January 2013, FORTUNE purports the virtue of E&Y's flexible schedule arrangements during busy season. And now, let this unconfirmed-but-I-don't-doubt-validity-one-iota testimonial serve as an example of how flexible scheduling is largely a joke:
I'm at EY, I just told my manager i'm choosing tonight as my 6pm day. He said I can use my free time to draft my 2 week notice.
Maybe "joke" is too harsh. Immaterial is probably more accurate.
Anyone else basking the greatness of flexible scheduling during busy season? Share your story with us.