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February 7, 2023

Here’s a Bunch of Folks Really Upset at NASBA

Twitter wasn't the only place to air your expletive-filled grievances on Friday.

Even though all CPA exam score release dates are target dates (meaning shit can and does happen and the AICPA makes no promises you'll actually see your score on the date they announce), apparently a few people were upset by the delay in score releases last week. Really upset. Mad as hell and not going to take it anymore upset. And their anger was completely deserved, really, so we're not passing judgment there.

Naturally, social media is a great outlet for your frustration. By great I mean probably not the best if you're going to swear and throw a tantrum under your own name. We get it, you are upset. But next time, think before you type, or hit one of those fancy CPA exam forums with a funny screen name to complain maybe?

Apparently "an asinine amount of money" starts at around $1000. Who knew?

This exchange was particularly mature:

I especially appreciated the creativity and irony of this one:

Asterisks don't make it any less hostile, really:

Some people, however, practiced zen-like patience and levelheadedness that reflects the profession well:

Who wants to bet behind the scenes Colin was screaming, cursing and making NASBA voodoo dolls? Nothing wrong with that.

Remember kids: while your rage may be warranted, outbursts are not.


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