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Footnotes: Trump Confuses Alleged Fraud with Scandal; Who Needs a Debt Ceiling Anyway?; Deloitte Meets Call of Duty | 08.26.13

Peregrine Financial's "auditor" will probably never do another "audit" again. [Reuters]

Now that the rugrats are heading back to school, here's what you can and can't deduct on your taxes. [1800Accountant]

Donald Trump is convinced he's got his own "mini IRS scandal" brewing and it's all President Obama's fault. [CBS]

IRS Picks Former Executive for Post Overseeing Tax Audits [Bloomberg]

Here are 16 things you should do at the start of every work day. [Forbes]

The CFO of Zurich Insurance – a former KPMGer – has been found dead in his home *sadface* [CNBC]

We're talking about the debt ceiling again. Let's just raise it to infinity x infinity and be done, yay! [CNNMoney]

Activision's Call of Duty Endowment Joins With Deloitte to Create Annual Call of Duty Endowment 'Seal of Distinction' Award The Call of Duty Endowment today announced it has joined with Deloitte to create a unique annual Call of Duty Endowment 'Seal of Distinction' award program that will highlight nonprofit organizations that have proven to be the most effective and efficient at placing veterans into high quality careers. The Call of Duty Endowment is a private nonprofit foundation that supports groups placing former service members into high quality careers and raises awareness of the value veterans bring to the civilian workplace. [BWW Geeks]

Pic credit: Zombie Accountant, an Xbox indie game that apparently comes highly recommended: The game is one never ending level which sees your zombie constantly running.  Collecting tax returns without hitting any obstacles leads to your score multiplier increasing but also leads to your zombie running quicker and quicker.  On the brains front if you eat more than 3 workers brains it is game over, a screen shows your notice of termination with the reason being 'eating brains after being specifically asked to stop'.

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