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Here’s Another Ernst & Young Jack-o-lantern That You Didn’t Know You Wanted

Last week, a couple of Big 4 employees wanted to share dual love for their firms and All Hallows' Eve. They expressed this by virtue of the age-old tradition of carving jack-o-lanterns. The two offerings were for PwC and Ernst & Young and each featured the firms' respective logos. Despite the enthusiasm from Bob Moritz, the general feeling is that the honest efforts were a little short on creativity. This should come as no surprise since we're dealing with dominantly left-brained people, who save their creativity for exploiting loopholes in accounting and tax rules. 

But as the big day approaches, the early examples have no doubt inspired more Big 4 jack-o-lanterns and the most recent one that found its way into our inbox suggests that when mild mannered Ernst & Young employees are walking the streets, they are ready to jump into a phone booth at a moment's notice:

Since many of you are hunkered down today and tomorrow, this is the perfect opportunity to create an elaborately designed jack-o-lantern to lift everyone's spirits for a return to work on Wednesday.