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Footnotes: Surviving Sandy; Romney’s Tax Plan; Forget About the NFL in London | 10.29.12

Seven Easily Avoidable Ways To Die In A Hurricanne Not going near 57th Street and Sixth Avenue is also a good idea. [Jalopnik]

And just in case you don't heed that advice, at least you'll be subject to a lower estate tax rate. [WSJ]

What is Mitt Romney’s Tax Plan? [TaxVox, Following Barack Obama's Tax Plan]

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Audit Team Struggles to Come Up with Ironic Halloween Costume [GC] 

Sandy got you down? The first photo from the new season of Arrested Development should cheer you up. [Gawker]

COSO shows how to put risk assessment into practice [JofA, Earlier]

One Reason The NFL Will Never Permanently Relocate A Team To London: The U.K.'s Tax Treatment of Nonresident Athletes [Forbes]

Shirtless Horse-Man Jogs Past Hurricane Sandy News Camera [HP]

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