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Here Are Ernst & Young Chargeable Hour Goals for Fiscal Year 2012

Courtesy of a friend of Going Concern, we bring you the bar that Black and Yellow auditors are trying to jump over for the remainder of the fiscal year*.

Yes, I'm sure this isn't news to anyone inside Chez Turley, but we felt that it's important that all non-EY auditors know how hard they are working.

These hours look pretty standard, however, if you are of the opinion that they are grossly unfair, please let us know and discuss below. 

What are your firm's chargeable goals for this fiscal year? Email us the numbers and practice to [email protected] with "[Accounting Firm] Chargeable Hour Goals" in the subject line.

*UPDATE: As pointed out in the comments, fiscal year 2012 is indeed over for E&Y so the numbers for the "remainder of the fiscal year" may be different. We're still trying to run the new chargeable hour goals down. Kindly keep us updated.