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Here Are a Bunch of Horrible Big 4 Anthems for Your Listening Pleasure

When I die, I want my Wiki to say:

Hooper had amassed the world’s largest collection of accounting music and literature, which is now kept in the Hooper Memorial Museum of Accounting. Even accountants are too embarrassed to visit it.

While my contemporaries are out collecting Pokemon to dull the pain of working in public, I have been quietly collecting accounting music. In my quest to catch them all, I discovered that the Big 4 actually have company songs. What's more interesting is the quality of the unofficial songs created by employees and interns. Many of these have probably been featured on Going Concern at one time or another, but as a service to you all, I thought to compile them all here for your judgment. Click through the pages to listen to them all.

Ernst & Young

First we have this shocker from EY, I still haven’t been able to listen to the whole thing start to finish. Let me know how it goes for you.

By comparison, this is a rather respectable attempt from the LA intern class. After the previous video, this almost makes me want to work at EY.


While a little catchier than EY’s attempts, it still has a cheesy veneer that makes me want to hammer railroad spikes into my temples.

Unfortunately for PDubs, their staff created “Is This The Way To Do an Audit.” It was nowhere near as impressive as Black & Yellow.


I’m not entirely sure if this is the official Deloitte song, but it’s got all the makings of a Disney classic. It is the by far the best (by this I mean, not the worst) Big 4 anthem.

However, once again crushed by an intern with a song worthy enough for my Sonos playlist. I hope they made this kid a partner instantly!


This classic from KPers just screams power and energy!

The intern contribution is actually somewhat respectable, though it’s hardly a chart buster.


Of all Big 4 music videos, this contribution from Australian Meri Amber is hands down my favorite. What’s even better is it’s part of a whole album about accounting! I’m pretty sure she didn’t get a job at KPMG, but I am sure a career as a YouTuber is probably more rewarding than a career in audit.

Honorable Mentions

Money All Day by MC Rayman has been played about a hundred times in my office. I wish he produced more accounting songs.

Public Accounting Anthem by Petty Ca$h is easily a hit in the accounting world. He’s got a few other songs, but this one is the best, hands down.

Dru Vocals is not an accountant by trade (hence the quality). He was commissed by to produce a number of educational raps about accounting to assist with CPA Exam Prep. I don’t know how useful they are for study, but they’re pretty catchy.

If I’ve missed any other honorable mentions, chuck them into the comments below.

Bonus: I created a playlist.