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Busy Season Zen: These Marching Troops

I actually had a dinosaur mukbang planned for today’s Busy Season Zen but then I came across this and, well, considering it’s now March and busy season problems are in full swing, I figured why not. Seems oddly appropriate although I’m not entirely sure why. Volume warning, turn it down or pop in some headphones unless you work in the kind of office where no one is going to question why you’re jamming out to the Bee Gees in the middle of the afternoon.

Fun fact about the goose-stepping military spectacle: North Korea is one of the few nations in the world still to practice it. “Experts say the spectacle allows Kim to display to the world highly disciplined, devoted and powerful troops as he manoeuvres in a decades-long nuclear stand-off with the United States and South Korea,” writes AP. Only the best of the best are chosen through a rigorous process that takes into account loyalty to the government and height, among other traits. Having a solid family background doesn’t hurt either. In other words, randoms with sketchy drunk dads probably aren’t goose-stepping right off the street into these units.

Bee Gees not your thing? Don’t worry, YouTube has you covered. There are hours of this stuff, from the SpongeBob theme to Wii music. Personally I’m digging this version, but I have a soft spot for Thomas the Tank Engine dubs.

And then of course there’s the best one of all. It speaks for itself.

Need more Zen? We understand. Knock yourself out.