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September 21, 2023

so this is what people who aren’t accountants think about accountants?

Here Are 10 More Terribly Tasteless Examples of Accountant Stock Photos

Just as your friends joke you could do their taxes despite the fact that you're in audit, so do stock photo companies seem to think accountants have to be portrayed in the most ridiculous, stereotypical way possible. LOOK, this trustworthy gentleman is wearing glasses and a green eye shade, clearly he must be an accountant. […]

There’s No Accounting For Taste In These “Accountant” Stock Photos

Let's go ahead and call this one big caption contest. All photos randomly grabbed from various stock photo websites, watermarks and all. Without further ado, let's check out our first contender: "Female accountant working in office" Enough monkey business and let's get to crossfooting already! "Accountant Goofy Chimp" I have no idea what is going […]