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Guy Who Couldn’t Hack Two Years in Public Accounting Needs Validation He Isn’t a Loser

Normally I wouldn't post a question like this, mainly because I have absolutely no idea what he's even asking us. Should he leave? How the hell do we know?

Going Concern,

Public accounting isn't for me, and am 90% certain im leaving at the end of february (gonna gut out year end just so I don't burn my bridges).

My resume would have the following things going for it:

  • PwC Tax – 14 months (Served on a multibillion dollar energy utility's audit for my entire career at pwc)
  • CPA
  • USC – 3.75 gpa
  • Minor – who gives a shit work experience and accomplishments to round it out.

Would I be screwing myself by leaving now? My resume should be strong enough so I can excel elsewhere and be fine still right? Let me know thoughts please & thank you for the time!

Put down the Kool-Aid and do me a favor, define fine. Will you end up living in a cardboard box behind a dumpster if you leave PwC now? Probably not. The only way this move will absolutely ruin your life is if your one goal was to become a partner… at PwC. Assuming you had other goals and dreams, then I am fairly sure you will be fine.

This question of yours would be a lot easier to answer if you provided even the smallest hint as to what you plan to do post-PwC. Do you know what's out there? Have you even looked? Is there something in particular you would like to do, or are you at the point where you'd do anything as long as it isn't public? In that case, I need an intern, why don't you come to Going Concern? We can't promise you'll be fine but if you're that miserable…

Alright, back to the subject. Some people will tell you to stick it through just one more busy season, but if you can't even make it that far, then just go. Like you said about your minor, who gives a shit? People will always need lattes and Big Macs, man, it's cool.

You should probably line something up before you bail but hey, up to you, kid.