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Guess We Should Discuss Deloitte’s RTO Plans

a Deloitte building missing its Deloitters

Yesterday the PwC return to office plan set to be announced May 3 and take effect after the firmwide summer break was all but confirmed and in a discussion about it I came across this:

Therese are nothing when compared to Deloitte’s planned RTO announcement which has a tentative announcement date of the Tuesday after Memorial Day. 75% in office for tax, and 100% in office for those below manager without engagement partner approval to work from home.

It’ll be interesting to see who decides to leave once the partner group and HR announce them formally.

I don’t know who Therese is but she might want to start looking for a new job if she wants to stay remote.

Note that Deloitte has “Collective Disconnect” for Memorial Day, meaning everyone gets a little extra time to unplug. Then after they are all nice and recharged, break it to them that they are expected in the office for reasons that will no doubt be explained as vaguely as possible, ultimately pinning it on “collaboration” and teamwork. 100% seems extreme though.

There’s a brewing paranoia about RTO plans that appear to be materializing at the same time across firms and various industries. Depending who you ask or what magic combination of words you input into Google, either 90% of companies will require employees to return to office in 2023 and 21% of companies will fire workers who do not return to the office OR return-to-office mandates at companies like Amazon, Disney, and Starbucks are the exception, not the rule and only 3% of CEOs plan to cut down on remote work at their companies. Accompanying the RTO mandates have been layoffs, bringing us back to the possibility of firms deploying RTO mandates with the intention to reduce headcount without the icky press that comes from more straightforward layoffs (‘sup EY).

TB4A was tipped off a couple months ago to a return to office in tax but other than that there hasn’t been much said about Deloitte’s RTO plans, if there are any. Let you know if we find out more.

3 thoughts on “Guess We Should Discuss Deloitte’s RTO Plans

  1. Funny. The Practice firm I work for in London didn’t have capacity towards the end of the financial year end in March. And no I’m not sitting on your knee.

  2. RFA here, only 2 members of my 10 person team is by an office. No one will be moving for this. We’re spread across the country with a client in yet another state.

    Either they throw this client away or let us do our thing. I suspect Daddy D will look the other way.

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