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That PwC Return-To-Office Rumor Might Be True (Includes Potential Confirmation)

Remember that rumor buzzing around last week about a PwC return to office? It might be true. You’ll note that OP updated their post to specify that what they’ve heard applies to US tax.

This morning Going Concern received a copy of a memo that appears to confirm just about everything the original rumor-spreader said, as well as various details we’ve been given over the past several days. We’re told this went out in late March. We’re working on digging in further, in the meantime I’ve transcribed the text for your reading pleasure. Key words here are “expectations and not mandates.”

Starting after the July firmwide shutdown for US employees.

    • Virtual profile team members will be expected to work up to 3 days per month, on average, at a PwC office or in-person setting. Note: The majority of P&T is within the virtual profile. We will continue to allow our people to self their way of working profile.
    • Hybrid profile (previously “Flex”) team members will be expected to work an average of 50% at a PwC office or in-person location over the course of a year (previously 1-3 days per week on average).
    • All employees (including virtual profiles) will also be expected to join at least two in-office activities per quarter (e.g. Leaders in Action, Promotion Day).

There are expectations and not mandates. Partners will work with their teams to determine the approach that best meets the needs of their clients and people, while recognizing the unique role that many of our P&T people play.

Rolling this out in July provides flexibility for employees who need additional time to plan for these changes, working with their leader as needed.

Mexico and our ACs are working through their return to in-person guidelines, which will be tailored to reflect local regulations and culture.

The note we saw is cut off after this sentence:

First, please keep this news confidential and do not share any messages or materials with others until after the May 3 firmwide announcement.


If you hear anything, please let me know.

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  1. I’m looking to hire a senior accountant. My ideal candidate is a 2-3 year person straight out of Big 4. Sounds like I should wait until this Summer.

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