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Grown Man Curious to Know If Other Accountants Are Experiencing Mockery From Coworkers, Mom Issues, Crabby Spouse During Movember

For the past several years, the month of November has been flush with gentlemen, dudes, and hyperhormonal young boys growing moustaches for the sake of bringing awareness to men's health issues like prostrateprostate cancer and depression. This trend has expanded globally, much to the chagrin of family, spouses, co-workers and the populace who are decidedly anti-mo. Oh, and big-shave – Gillette, Bic, Schick, Braun, Remington, Norelco – probably aren't crazy about it either.

Regardless, lots of men love Movember because it allows them to be lazy with a plausible excuse. For maybe a day or two, colleagues may think, "Bill's had a rough couple of nights" but once a week goes by, they start getting curiouser and curiouser, eventually suffering from eyestrain to get a closer peek at the sprouting mouth brow, maybe even getting brave enough to ask about it. "Oh, yeah. I'm doing Movember. You know, raising money for charity," Bill might reply. They will offer a simple, "I see," and perhaps a half-hearted, "I like it."
Meanwhile, Bill is full of shit. He's growing that pathetic cookie duster because he can and no one is going to challenge him for the claim to be raising money for cancer awareness. So people let it slide, even though it's seriously giving people the creeps.
Anyway, I only bring this up because I was checking in on our friends in the United Queendom to see what the haps were and one accountant was reaching out to his brethren to see if they were enjoying mouth merkin glory despite the rebukes from everyone around him:
Just wondering if anyone else is doing [Movember]? Two weeks in and I am getting used to some of the comments from colleagues – all in a good cause. Having said that, my parents return from a long holiday in Australia, so I am not sure what my mum will say. (I should add I'm 41..but you are always a child to your parents.) My wife is looking forward to December, as she is not a fan.
Good luck all,
So if you're experiencing snickering co-workers, a wife that isn't crazy about magic moustache rides, or MOM, just because you're trying to work a flavor saver, feel free to share your grief (along with your mo portrait). This poor guy is feeling a little insecure.
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